I can't mount my partition of backups on linux, even with gparted

So, normally i have a partition for backups in case the boot windows broken and i need to format. The problem it is, now i format the main partition to use manjaro again, but i cant mount my backup by some reason, the file extension its msftdata. There's a safe way to convert or mount this partition on linux?

I assume this backup disk is formatted with NTFS? If so, you will need to check this with a Windows tool such as using Hirens BootCD and do any necessary filesystem checks/repairs, remove the “dirty bit” etc. from there, before you will be safe to read/write using Linux.


Great! I have this disk, what exactly i need to do in this filesystem check?

You run chkdisk from windoze or a derivative/clone like hirens.

Then in the future make sure to properly shut down windoze and unmount the partition.

This is most often the result of ‘fast startup’ left enabled in windoze - a misleading option that ensures windoze never actually shuts down.


The following link will answer that question, and then some:

All that’s needed is for you to read and understand.

I hope this helps. Cheers.


Thx help a lot!

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