I can't login on KDE

I see this when i come back to my computer.
What’s happening and how can i login.
NB: i tried to open the terminal as guided but nothing is working.
Please help.

Press Ctrl+Alt+F3, log in as yourself, and issue the commands… :arrow_down:

loginctl unlock session 2

You can then switch back to the main session with Alt+F1 or Alt+F2, depending on what tty your Plasma session runs — it varies, so if one doesn’t work, try the other.

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It works but after login, i can’t see the workplace everything is black. I can only open the terminal and applications via the terminal

Want to reboot via the terminal, but i don’t know if that will destroy my files open?

Open files will generally not be saved when rebooting, unless the application itself takes care of that. A clean reboot will tell the applications to gracefully shut down, and some applications will then save any files they have open, but this is really application-dependent.

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Ok thanks

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