I can't login into one of my users

Every time i try to login into ‘henrique’ it just goes into a black screen for ~2 seconds then it goes back to the login screen, this is one of the users that i had created on Linux Mint, the other one works fine but for some reason this one doesn’t.
I used ‘ls’ on /home/henrique and this is what shows up:

community-patches  Downloads  Public  Templates  wine-tkg-git
Desktop  Music  settings  Videos
Documents  Pictures  Steam  winehq.key

i tried deleting and recreating the user but keeping the home directory, but that didnt work so i guess the problem is with the home/henrique folder

correct… try to rename the folders ~/.config and ~/.local. Maybe it helps, then move the configs you need to the correct place. :wink:

rename to what exactly?

sorry if the answer is obvious

For example:

mv ~/.config ~/.config.bak

~/.config and ~/.local will be recreated on login anyway.

i renamed both .config and .local to .config.bak and .local.bak, but i still cant login

I solved the problem by renaming the home folder to ‘henri’, creating a new ‘home/henrique’ for my user with the terminal, login into my user, and then copying most files from ‘henri’ to ‘henrique’ (i only copied some files from .config and .local)

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