I can't login anymore after accidentally executing 'chmod -R 777 /'

Now im stuck at the login page, trying to login with username and password, but I can’t.
Then I tried username as ‘root’ and root password, still can’t log in.
Can someone help me plz

Hi @tedzzttu, and welcome!

If you have an up-to-date backup, I’d recommend reinstalling Manjaro.

If not, I’d recommend using a Live ISO to get a copy of your important files, and then reinstalling Manjaro.

There is pacrepairfile but I don’t know if it’s just for the apps manages by ALPM or if it would work for the entire root file tree. And for that you’d have to have pacutils installed, so I’m guessing it’s not for the entire file tree.

Your system is highly compromised, as @Mirdarthos mentioned it’s practically impossible to repair it. Boot into a live ISO, backup your data and re-install.

thank you for your advice. i’ll try to reinstall

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When using chown or chmod i learned (by desaster) allways to use -c (especially when using -R)

Try to guess why
  • When using -c with chmod or chown it will display each and every change it does
  • This slows down the command
  • You see what is happening
  • It is possible to stop with CTRL-c
  • Because it is slow, the damage is small when you interrupt it
  • And you do have a list of what changed, so you can repair it by hand
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