I can't login after update

After updating I cannot log into the desktop environment. The service:
does not start. On manual startup it gets the message:
daemon / loader [1675]: loader.go: 157: enable module swapsched failed: expected integer.
Does anyone have any idea how to fix it ?

deepin is pretty well considered broken.
But … besides that, I guess it could maybe be you missed your PAM pacnews?

pacdiff -o
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I used the pacdiffviewer tool. Unfortunately, I overwritten the original conf with pacnew files. This way I got rid of the user account and blocked the root :relaxed:. I wished I had time to look further on how to fix it. I have restored the system from a backup. I do not know how to update the system so that the problem does not recur. What other utility can combine conf files with pacnew files?

Simply never say yes to “overwrite” with .pacnew.
You can open the file and the corresponding .pacnew file with any text editor.
When you think it might make sense to adapt the new file ask here on the forum first.

See also here:

I’m familiar with managing pacnew files.
I have a working copy of the system on the second ssd. I started the system at multi-user.target level. I did the multi-user update again (terminal only). After the update, restart the system. Symptoms after updating:
The wallpaper and icons on the login screen disappear, the keyboard response when entering the password is very delayed. I still can’t log in. After switching to a terminal window (ctr + alt + Fx) and logging into your account, you get the following message:

daemon / loader [1675]: loader.go: 157: enable module swapsched failed:

And I can not enter anything because the message pops up every ~ 1s.
I started the system in multi-user.target mode. The system works normally in this mode. I got 4 * .pacnew files, I organized them. In the pacman.log update log I also found a note about incorrect permissions for two directories: / var / lib / AccountsService / icons and / var / lib / mlocate. I sent 777 to icons, to mlocate 744. After starting the GUI, the system still behaves as before. Can anyone tell me how to fix it? Thanks for any suggestions.

Login problem solved: Can’t login after last update - Manjaro deepin
The message continues to appear on the terminal. The desktop environment is sometimes lazy to respond.

Ah … I suppose you mean this:

The people who are experiencing this issue are likely all people who installed the community edition when it still existed. For those people, the now defunct package manjaro-deepin-settings was still on their system and the dependencies of that package were stopping them from receiving the latest deepin-desktop-schemas . Many people had downgraded portions of DDE to get to where they could login again.

That is why the solution was to remove manjaro-deepin-settings , upgrade the system and install deepin-desktop-schemas

exactly. There is still a problem with the message and the stuttering environment. I noticed that there is a convergence. When there is a sound signaling the pop-up of a message in the terminal window, then the graphical environment does not respond to user actions.