I can't install Spotify

What can I do to fix this? Do NOT suggest snap or flatpak!

Look at the comments of the AUR: AUR (en) - spotify



install spotify as normal user don’t use root
pamac build spotify

You get a failed to build
start the command again pamac build spotify
You will see a key message and install it.

adjust launcher

spotify --uri=%U --password-store=basic
sudo rm -rf /var/tmp/pamac-build-$<user>/spotify/

There is no indication that they did that.

The error is because the file version that the PKGBUILD tries to fetch is not there - the PKGBUILD needs to be adjusted.

Ok i get that; just trying to help out how i usually install spotify.
Suggestion you say the PKGBUILD needs to be adjusted.
Perhaps you can explain how ? Might help the original poster

It’s in the aur comments that @megavolt have to linked for him. Doesn’t look overly complicated

The OP don’t want flatpak or snap, but at the same time he is unwillingly to understand just a simple problem. When using the AUR one should have an idea how PKGBUILDs work. As always the wiki of archlinux explains it.

However… another choice: Install Debian/Ubuntu/Mint and you can install deb packages.

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Hi Megavolt,

You are right. I think there’s enough information for the OP. Hope the OP is helped.

I did it and it works! Thank you!

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