I can't install minecraft-launcher.tar.gz no matter what I do

I am trying to install a .tar.gz application but i had no luck so far. Just for clarification, i’m installing minecraft-launcher.tar.gz. i’ve actually been trying to install a .tar.gz on 2 different OS’s. First a Debian based OS. Now a ARCH based OS. I extract the .tar.gz in terminal and I keep getting an error on the 2nd step. Here’s the problem:

$ ./configure
bash: ./configure: No such file or directory
$ make
bash: make: command not found
$ sudo make install
sudo: make: command not found
I wanna know if I’m using the wrong tutorial. Or if it just doesn’t want to work. :thinking:
(P.S: I’m still new to linux and this OS.)

No need. Just do.

pamac build minecraft-launcher

It’s going to grab the Aur.

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Or make sure you type commands that exist on your system.

But yes, prefer the AUR if there is a version there.

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They hint the about on their Minecraft Downloads page.

But. They don’t say anything about how install it.

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Can someone give a link to a good guide on how to install Minecraft on linux correctly? I am a new linus user and I just don’t understand what I am doing wrong.