I cant install manjaro

Today I installed the manjaro kde iso and burned it into my USB thumb drive and when I boot into the USB it boots in tty1 live environment instead of the graphical UI to install manjaro what am I doing wrong I am not that tech savvy

Hi @mecarizz, and welcome!

First step is to learn to not type as you’d speak. Doing so makes it much harder to understand and discourages others from providing advice/assistance. See:


You don’t have to be. However, you do need to have a willingness to learn and adapt if necessary.

With that in mind.

Nothing, necessarily. But there’s no way to know without more information. But the first thing I’d recommend is to check the ISO is valid and correctly written to the thumb drive. See:

You need to have secure boot turned off in the BIOS/UEFI and also have your Windows properly shut down, not hibernated or suspended.

You must also have the Fast Boot option disabled in Windows as well as BIOS/UEFI if it’'s there.

what type of iso have you downloaded ?