I can't install manjaro xfce, it shows no error, it just closed

this is my main problem, second is wifi somehow cant connect after put password. and third is in kde version it shows only welcome menu and not anything else

when i press install after create username and partition it just close. without error or anything

I think it could be a problem with burning the ISO to your USB. Some parts of the file may be corrupted. What program did you use to create the bootable USB?

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im using etcher

If you were burning it from windows then use rufus instead of etcher. Rufus is more recommended.

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Yeah, I wouldn’t recommend using etcher in Windows. I’ve had multiple issues with it in the past.

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guys. i think it because im using old hardware. maybe my hardware is too old. after all i found radeon r7 350 at same price as gt 710. maybe a good card

It couldn’t be the gpu. Send me the full list of your hardware.

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when i say old hardware i mean olddd hardware. amd athlon 64 x2 from 2006, ddr2 ram, and gpu? none

You are not giving detailed information! Please kindly give us the full specs. WITH DETAILS! :weary:

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sorry. here
amd athlon 64 x2 4200+
4X1gb ddr2 ram
using motherboard gpu (radeon xpress 1150) so i’m planning to buy gpu (radeon r7 350x because possibly they know about radeon gpu because they use amd cpu)
motherboard is from hp (hp compaq dc5750)
250gb+120gb storage

Rufus has been not working for VERY long time with Manjaro ISO. It was working 2+ years ago, but it doesn’t work anymore with current version as far as I know only very old Windows Rufus (with the DD setting you can select before writing to the USB) works. Since the DD settings is not accessible anymore and automatically applied by Rufus or not, it has been not working for Manjaro, it boots to a GRUB error.

I would recommend Ventoy, it creates a bootable USB, where you directly put ISO files in a folder, and you select the ISO file to boot from.

But I’m not sure the problem is the ISO and how you write it.

I think you can restart the Installer from a terminal, this way you may have some kind of output in the terminal when it crashes. // EDIT, I think the command is calamares to start the installer but I’m not sure.

//EDIT2: I edited the thread title as it has nothing to do with the download of Manjaro XFCE, I changed it for 'install".

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Well, I have seen the ventoy website. The idea to boot directly from the iso may be revolutionary (or worse) I haven’t tried it. Thanks for the tip. I’ll try it out. :grin:

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