I can't find the logout function

If there’s a way to log out of the forum, I haven’t found it. Normally this is something that I would feel no need to do, but today I have a good reason.
Six years ago I established my forum account. Yesterday, when I needed it desperately, the login failed. All attempts to recover or reset the password also failed. So I created a new account, and used that to get my problem solved. Now I’d like to prove that my original account is really defunct, but I can’t log out of this one to log in again!

OK, I’m updating this posting in lieu of a reply, which I would normally be forced to wait 7 hours to make. Thanks for the hints. I can only say that the functionality is well-hidden.

Note that I’ve logged into my original account many times since the switch to this new forum.

Just click on your profile icon and then your name. The log out button is there at the end.

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That’s because all accounts of the old forum were deleted