I can't find balooctl anymore

Hello, dear Manjaro fellows!

Yesterday I found out, that there is no balooctl anymore. Not in my main nor in any of my other (Manjaro KDE) machines. All systems are up to date. Does this mean, it’s a packaging issue of the Manjaro team or is it removed by the KDE people?
I used this tool now and then and don’t understand, why it is not available by now.
Does somebody know more about that?

Cheers Aldolinho


balooctl6 status


ps aux | grep baloo

And tell us the results…

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Hello and thank you very much! Yes, that was the solution.

$ balooctl6 status
Die Baloo-Dateiindizierung läuft
Indizierungsstatus: Inaktiv
Gesamtzahl der indizierten Dateien: 651.039
Dateien, die noch indiziert werden: 219.451
Dateien, deren Indizierung fehlgeschlagen ist: 0
Der aktuelle Index hat eine Größe von 13,40 GiB


$ ps aux | grep baloo
aldo        1055  1.0  2.2 269358508 747844 ?    SNsl Jun25   9:49 /usr/lib/kf6/baloo_file
aldo       11704  0.0  0.5 269569816 185980 ?    Ssl  Jun25   0:07 /usr/lib/baloorunner
aldo       22572 10.3  6.2 269728548 2047980 ?   RNl  Jun25  76:32 /usr/lib/kf6/baloo_file_extractor
aldo       64913  0.0  0.0   6868  4160 pts/3    S+   06:43   0:00 grep baloo

I don’t understand the reasons for renaming a command, but my primary question is answered.

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It’s because Plasma was upgraded to Plasma 6, and Baloo is part of it, so obviously it went with.

Or that’s how I understand it anyway.

Well, we’re talking about a command, that can and probably will be used in scripts etc.
Usually, I rename a command, when it is incompatible to its former version.
But look at it! All its options and commands are the same as they were in Plasma 5. And no one except the developers has to care about the ‘under the hood’. And because not even the help texts of this “brand new” balooctl6 were adapted, it sounds to me as if the developers in charge didn’t think much about the consequences of their doing. And in probably all distributions, either they stick on Plasma 5 yet or deliver Plasma 6 ‘en-bloc’. And even when I install balloo and baloo-gadgets separately, Manjaro (and surely any other distribution too) delivers the fitting package. But that’s just my two cents.

Most things ended up getting the 5 suffix, with the plasma6 variants becoming the default.
(ex: lookandfeelexplorer vs lookandfeelexplorer5)
For some reason there are a handful of utilities that got the reverse or were never converted.
Maybe its oversight. Maybe theres some unknown-to-us rationale.
Maybe it will be likewise changed after some upcoming update.
pacman -Ql $(pacman -Qsq baloo) | grep bin                   :person_shrugging:


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