I can't figure out how to set brightness keys to work

I tried every stuff i read here but i cant figure it out. Multiple keys show the same key code (XF86AudioMicMute), also i tried xev it shows the same. This it the output i get when i press those keys in $HOME/.xbindkeysrc to bind a key.
โ€œ(Scheme function)โ€
m:0x0 + c:198
Also in bios it is set to function keys without need to press fn button.
Laptop(Hp elitebook g6 830)

I too was unable to bind my functions keys, so instead of functions keys now I use arrow keys(mod + arrow_key). Up and Down for volume, and Left and Right for brightness.

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I guess thatโ€™s better than nothing, Thanks

Iโ€™m on MacBook Pro, with an external Keyboard. My way of getting around this is:

  1. Install: GitHub - sezanzeb/key-mapper: ๐ŸŽฎ An easy to use tool to change the mapping of your input device buttons.
  2. Set your own keys for: key_brightnessup and / key_brightnessdown

This canโ€™t work in my case cuz multiple keys have same keycodes which u need for mapping it to different stuff, but i found solution

Canโ€™t edit post, but i found solution so if anyone has same problem here is fix:
to fix it u need to reflash bios, and disable windows hotkey service if u dual booted with windows 10.