I can't download Manjaro KDE

Internal server error

Sorry, there seems to be an error. Please try again soon.

actually a big lightning and thunderstorm is going through germany. could be the reason that some infrastructure isn’t avaiable since german telekom is still an ancient nightmare

Ooof… i get it
Can i download it anywhere else?

i don’t think so and wouldn’t recommend to download it from a non-proven site. maybe on github but i would favor a cup of coffee and a smoke and retry in 30-60 minutes. more easy, less stress

True, thank you

I personally would just wait until tomorrow, but if you find the Distrowatch site trustworthy (i think they are), they have torrents for all the distros.
For example https://distrowatch.com/dwres/torrents/manjaro-kde-22.1.2-minimal-230518-linux515.iso.torrent

It came up 5 mins ago but it’s down again. I needed to download it and I did when it was up just a few mins ago

I have nabbed the official torrent (via cached pages) and generated the magnet link for you (works):

Here :magnet: manjaro-kde-22.1.3-230529-linux61.iso :magnet:

EDIT … it seems the link keeps being malformed … here it is in full string … copy and open in torrent client (“Open URL” or “Open Magnet Link”):

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I know this is off topic but, how do you generate a magnet link?

@Pandoro I just used my client to do it … it has an option in, for example, right-click menu on the torrent.


Oh alright, thanks for telling me.

Monthly builds are here: Releases · manjaro/release-review · GitHub

It’s alive! https://manjaro.org/download/

Thanks to @codesardine :+1:


well i think @philm has to serve a big cup of :coffee: and a sweet :cake: to @codesardine that he spent the night for troubleshooting. hope that all of you are well.