I can't change any icon themes

hello im on the testing branch and just wanted to say I can’t change any icons to different themes and was hoping someone could help

im also on testing, and dont have any issues with changing icons… how do you change them? from system settings/icons?
create a new test user, reboot, log with it, and see if it works there

so yeah this only happens with KDE I still have xfce installed which I was going to delete later today. i do it from settings/icons. i heard there’s a way to clear icon cache or something that has worked for some users?

i have already tried making a guest user and testing it and still hasn’t worked. been a long time arch user so I know what I’m doing if you have any ideas just let me know

since when did this issue started to happen?
maybe its some conflict with kde and xfce?
if it doesnt work with the test user too, its a system wide issue, and not a user one…
are you using xorg and not wayland?
post output from:
pacman -Qm
to see if theres some suspicious packages…

you clear the icon cache in your home user directory, but since it doest work with a new user its not related, but you can try:

rm ~/.cache/icon-cache.kcache && kbuildsycoca5 --noincremental

you can also try running:
sudo gtk-update-icon-cache

i decided to just switch over to gnome and then get rid of kde and xfce and everything works

just a follow up I completely uninstalled kde and I’m now using gnome and everything is working as needed

i also want to thank you for helping me. i have always used kde been using kde for probably 5 years now I guess it was time for a change and I’m really liking the new gnome

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