I can't boot Majaro off an DVD

I’m new to Manjaro and want to try it out, so I burned the iso-file to a DVD.
I’m using a Mac.
So I restart the computer and hold down the option key with the DVD inside. Now I get two options with a DVD symbol above it to choose, aside from the apple macOS options. One is saying Windows and another one is saying EFI boot.
When I choose EFI boot, I hear the DVD spinning for a about 20 seconds, then it stops and all the time there only is a black screen, nothing more happens.
When I choose Windows, I hear the DVD spinning and after a few seconds the manjaro boot menu appears, with time, language etc. I navigate down to “Boot with appropriate drivers” and press enter. Now the menu disappears again and nothing happens until I press the power button once, then after a few seconds a blinking underline appears at the top left. Then it shows Welcome to manjaro and starts to run some starting up progresses and checks the system.
After about five and a half minutes and only OKs, no failures, the screen clears again and for once more the blinking underline mark appears, but then nothing else happens.
I’ve let it sit there for half an hour twice.
Can anyone help me?

P.S. : I also tried to boot a live system by flashing the ios-file to a usb-stick, but it didn’t work either. I found out that the problem probably is the bootloader from apple and that I would need to install a software like rEFInd, but I don’t really like the idea of going that deep into the whole system.

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You can try an older image. Might be a kernel or video driver problem.