I can’t open surfshark GUI app. After open, it close automatic

i can’t open surfshark GUI app. after open it ,close automatic

surfshark officially supported on debian

this seems to be the AUR package that you’d want to use:

AUR (en) - surfshark-vpn-gui

no idea (of course - with zero information) what you have installed now and have trouble with …

i use pamac for download and install

yay -S surfshark-vpn-gui
GL with resolving dependencies.

… but what did you install?

AUR (en) - surfshark-vpn-gui


… pamac should work as well as yay … no?

yes this surfshark gui



pamac build surfshark-vpn-gui

It does indeed build and install just fine - but it doesn’t run.
A dependency is missing - also see the comments on the PKGBUILD.

is missing
When that is installed - the thing works.

install python-wxpython

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One of the basics of using the AUR is investigating the PKGBUILD and/or viewing the package page.

If there is a problem with that package then it should be flagged.

Yes, it’s just me preferring yay over pamac due to the latter causing weird issues sometimes.

python-wxpython after install its working

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