I can’t install insightful employee monitoring software on my computer

Please help. I don’t know why i cannot download insightful employee monitoring app on my computer

Since is a subscription based service/app, hence commercial, you should ask their support to hep troubleshooting the issue. Check either if you use some plugins on your browser that prevents you to download certain file types (as a measure of security) or, if they send you an email with the download link, request a new email.

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From my findings, it work on their Linux OS… I don’t know why its not working for Manjaro so I’m asking if there is a way out

While their web states they support Linux - they only provide apps for Windows and macOS.

Another link

The following Linux distributions are supported both for Company and Personal computer versions:

  • RedHat 8.3 +
  • Fedora 29 +
  • Mint 18.4 +
  • Ubuntu 16.04 +

Linux Installation Guide {BETA} | Insightful Knowledgebase

Direct any and all support request to the vendor.

The members of Manjaro forum cannot be expected to help you getting a commercial app working - this a task for the vendor of the app.

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Thanks for the response