I am unable to create a Virtual Lan between Manjaro (Host) and Debian (Virtual Box Guest)

I am trying to create a Debian machine to be my gateway, but when I create this machine at VirtualBox using NAT or Internal Network, I can’t see it at Manjaro (my host machine).
I tried to create a new interface using the same netmask, up this interface but my host can’t “see” my guest machine, I tried to ping, connect via netcat but always I get an unreachable message.
I don’t know if there is something missing to install, my VirtualBox is with the extensions pack, I’ve followed instructions on the wiki to install VirtualBox.
Somebody can help me?

NAT on VBox uses the 10.0.2.x IPs, and most likely, if you are connected to a router with your HOST machine, you are on 192.168.x.x IP family.
So, your VBox GUEST will be 10.0.2.x with the Gateway because that is the default address of the virtual DHCP server used in the NAT mode, and will have as primary Nameserver the router you have … That means it will not see your Manjaro, nor Manjaro will see the Debian install as they are not in the same network.

Might do a manual setup for it Chapter 6. Virtual Networking

Or maybe you are probably looking for Bridged Network, usually preferable when your host has 2 NICS …