I am not able to install Nvidia proprietary drivers on my Dell Latitude e6410

Yesterday I installed manjaro on my laptop, Then i updated all the software installed after that i updated the kernel and rebooted.

after the reboot screen tearing and flickering started then i tried to install the Nvidia proprietary drivers but I got an error like this one

Using config 'video-nvidia-340xx' for device: 0000:01:00.0 (0300:10de:0a6c
) Display controller nVidia Corporation GT218M [NVS 3100M] 
> Installing video-nvidia-340xx... 
Sourcing /etc/mhwd-x86_64.conf 
Has lib32 support: true                                                      
Sourcing /var/lib/mhwd/db/pci/graphic_drivers/nvidia-340xx/MHWDCONFIG        
Processing classid: 0300                                                     
Sourcing /var/lib/mhwd/scripts/include/0300                                  
Processing classid: 0302                                                     
:: Synchronizing package databases...                                        
error: target not found: linux58-nvidia-340xx                                
error: target not found: linux59-nvidia-340xx                                
 core is up to date                                                          
 extra is up to date                                                         
 community is up to date                                                     
 multilib is up to date                                                      
Error: pacman failed!                                                        
Error: script failed!

I bit new to manjaro so any help would be appreciated.

Looking at your nvidia card I don’t think its supported by 450 or 455 drivers and linux kernel 5.9 only works with those drivers. Try installing a lts kernel like 5.4

I just restarted manjaro with kernel 5.4.77-1 LTS and still the error is same.

So you have kernel 5.4lts and nvidia 340 drivers installed but you are getting an error for kernel 5.8 and 5.9 with nvidia 340 ? Have you uninstalled 5.8 and 5.9? As they don’t support the 340 drivers. Your other option is to use the opensource nouveau drivers

i haven’t uninstalled the other kernels, I’ll uninstall and get back to you.

btw kernel 5.9.8-2 and 5.4.77-1 making the screen tear but kernel 5.8.18-1 is most stable in that regard. screen is not tearing in that kernel.