Hyprland wont launch?

Im trying to install hyprland, but when I choose the desktop environment, It goes black for a second, and puts me back on the login screen. I used the install command sudo pacman -S hyprland. Am I doing everything right?

No idea, but be sure to read Hyprland - ArchWiki

If I try to install nvidia-dkms, I get the notice nvidia-dkms and linux61-nvidia are in conflict (NVIDIA-MODULE). Remove linux61-nvidia? [y/N]. Do I click yes?

Why do you need nvidia-dkms? You already have it installed.

The guide says to install nvidia-dkms

What guide?

This: Nvidia | Hyprland Wiki

Well you can skip that part.

Turns out my kernel parameters weren’t working so I fixed it and now it runs

Good to hear.

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