Hybrid installation with calamares

@codesardine, me and @Ste74 have been working on the hybrid installation with calamares. The hybrid is between netinstall and iso decompression. The goal is that you could install offline like usually, but if you have internet connection, you could choose between different browsers, office suites, and other extra software. This would also make it also easy to choose if you want snap/flatpak/AUR support. It also allows keeping the iso size smaller and having an updated the system after the installation.

This could combine the best features about calamares and manjaro-architect, if we get it working like we hope.


Hybrid installation can be experimented with over on QA under a testing Community Edition.


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Not really necessary. If you set the AUR option to true in pamac, pamac will download the required base-devel tools before build time. That’s what I do in my Manjaro spin to keep the ISO size small while still including out of the box AUR support.

Uh I just noticed I necro’d a 2 month old post, sorry!

That is a good point, I also noticed it myself last week.

@Chrysostomus: It will be great if calamares could have an option to do OEM installations. I think it is the last thing that it is missing in Manjaro. I know we already talked about it, but that option will be a must for Manjaro (Ubuntu and Linux Mint have that option by default in the ISO).



Calamares can already do oem installations. But it would be nice to have that option in the ui for users instead of using a dedicated iso for it.

Yes, that’s what I wanted to say.

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