Hybrid graphics with wayland

I’m using Manjaro KDE with Optimus Manager for hybrid graphics (AMD + Nvidia).
I want to use hyprland, but it uses Wayland which Optimus manager will not work with it.

I’ve tried envycontrol but it has some issues like laptop brightness does not change (it change the nvidia brightness which does not exist)

how can I use Wayland with hybrid graphics?

None of those utilities are required for hybrid graphics.
Their only purpose is for selecting “nvidia only” or “iGPU only” modes to reboot into.
(which can be achieved in other ways … but thats what they are for)
“Hybrid” mode is what you get already by using mhwd or Manjaro Settings Manager.
You simply use DRI_PRIME=1 or prime-run to use prime (use the nvidia).

Somehow people are still clicking on this so a clarification.

DRI_PRIME=1 is to be used when you are switching between opensource drivers.
(intel+amd, amd+nouveau, etc)

prime-run is to be used when you are switching to proprietary nvidia drivers.
(amd+nvidia, intel+nvidia, etc)