Hybrid gpu laptop, nvidia cuda, wayland, multiple monitors, scaling


I have a dell Precision workstation with both nvidia & intel gpu cards. I also connect 2 external monitors (the laptop monitor is 4k). I want to use cuda only for gpu computations, however in Windows from time to time, it is used also to run some gui intensive programs (this is not that important now).
I have Manjaro KDE Plasma installed as dual boot. Here is my issue:

I need to set the display scale different for each monitor. This, I found it works ONLY if the DE runs on Wayland. I cannot do it on X11.
But if I am running a DE based on Wayland, I cannot install the cuda gpu drivers (very latest 470).

The solution I found (I do not like it but works), is to use X11 + Manjaro kde DE, and adjust the resolution instead of using the native resolution of all displays and scale.

So I the question is: is there now a solution to do different scaling and still run cuda?



For xorg this should help How to get a dual monitor setup with mixed DPI working on Xorg – The Midnight Sun

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Thanks, I will give it a try.

I hope that we can run Wayland and nvidia drivers together soon!


yeah … will take a minute till wayland will be fully functional :slight_smile:

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Well, the simplest solution is still my initial message. The other solution (xrandr) is complicated to do with 3 screens (as I have).
Bottom line is this:

  1. fractional and different scaling works very well in Wayland, I tested it. Clean and on par with what I can do in Windows.
  2. but if you use wayland, the current Nvidia drivers (470) cannot be installed. So the solution will be to find a way to run nvidia driver in wayland (I could not), or wait for Nvidia to bring full support for wayland.

Thanks to everybody for their help.

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