Hungarian locale with English lang menus and desktop env

Dear fellow Manjaro users,

I am having trouble setting the language to English, either in CLI and also in KDE plasma, while locale should be set to Hungarian (hu_HU.UTF-8). I could manage to set all to hu_HU.UTF-8
but this way everything is hungarian, which I would prefer to stay in English.

I need to have this setup so LibroeOffice to work correctly with Hungarian characters.

So my goal would be to have all display languages in English, but applications handling hu_HU.UTF-8 characters correctly.

Thanks is advance for attention,

You nee to enable the needed locales in /etc/locale.gen - then rebuild
the locales using the locale-gen script.

Then use Manjaro Settings Manager - (rightclick the locale) to select the usage scope.

Reboot for changes to take effect.

Be aware though that KDE - after what I have read on the forum - may require you to tweak elsewhere - and I have zero knowledge on KDE.