Huge icons on taskbar

huge-icons — ImgBB Does anyone know how to reduce the size of third party icons on the taskbar? System Setting > Appearance → Icons → Panel (as suggested in the post I replying to in the screenshot) only reduces the size of the plasma start menu icon. I wanted to make a thread about this because it’s getting annoying to look at on a daily basis. The only way I’ve found that successfully reduce their size is to significantly reduce the size of the taskbar itself but I don’t want to do that. This issue started after the recent stable update.

Right click an empty space on your panel, and select “Configure Icons-only Task Manager”. Take the “Icon size” slider and slide it to the left.

If you change the height of the panel, it will reduce the icon sizes too.

The window it open doesn’t have a slider. setting — ImgBB

@Strit I know that’s what I was referencing. It’s not ideal though because the icons on the right side of the taskbar are already the right size. When the shrink the height of the panel enough to the point where the huge icons on the left are normal size the ones ones on the right become unusable from becoming so small.

They look okay to me - the other side look a bit small TBH.
Try something nicer: