HPLIP problems something must be wrong here

when do my regular system maintenance, today i found a very interesting entry in my journal

hp-upgrade[26778]: error: HPLIP upgrade is disabled by Archlinux for security reasons, see https://bugs.archlinux.org/task/38083 - if you like to upgrade HPLIP, use the Archlinux software package manager pacman.

Is there a specifric reason why I should encounter this Issue in 2023 for a bug report that was closed in 2013?

The use of my printer has been very hit and miss since i switched to Manjaro a few years ago, mostly miss to be honest. The few times i wanted to print something I had to essentially reinstalling HPLIP.

Does anybody know why a 10 year old problem is affecting my system today?

The message you see is from HPLIP itself.

HPLIP may have some built-in update functionality which would cause issues with system libraries it it was allowed to execute. So HP Arch has built in the message to tell the user reading the log to use the package manager to update the HPLIP system.

This is not a bug but an informational message - call it an error - in fact it is to protect the system from incompatible libraries.

It’s not “affecting” you.
Have you read the bug report?

All that it says is:
use the package supplied/built by Arch
do not allow an upgrade of the app through it’s internal updater.
That would not work anyway.

I found something very interesting in the mentioned package update in that bug report. :wink:

Actually Arch did. :wink: :point_up:

Just wish they didn’t log it as an error, but rather informational.

#define SD_ERR     "<3>"  /* error conditions */
#define SD_WARNING "<4>"  /* warning conditions */
#define SD_NOTICE  "<5>"  /* normal but significant condition */
#define SD_INFO    "<6>"  /* informational */

src: sd-daemon

It pollutes the output of journalctl and makes users think they need to take action.

journalctl --boot=0 --priority=emerg..err
# or 
journalctl -b -p 0..3
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I have submitted a feature request to Arch to change this.

[hplip] 3.22.10-1 Change hp-upgrade message severity

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Sounds like the best course of action. However, did you review the Bug reporting guidelines before submitting it? There’s a section about Severity. Notice the person that reviewed your report changed it from Medium to Low:

FS#77051 - [hplip] 3.22.10-1 Change hp-upgrade message severity
User who did this: Toolybird (Toolybird)
Status: Unconfirmed → Assigned
Severity: Medium → Low
Assigned To: [-] → Andreas Radke

As far as the response:

The chances of this being implemented would greatly increase if you supplied a working/tested patch.

If you need help with that, let me know.

Patch submitted @ Arch task

On first start of hp-toolbox you see a welcome screen. Uncheck the box for selfsearching updates by hplip, it doesn’t work anyway. The messge will disappear.