Hplaserjet 1020 not detecting by Hp device manager

After installing hplip and detecting hplaserjet 1020 printer, the hp manager software is not detecting my usb printer after power is on.

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I don’t know who maintains the hplip package but those issues can be partly avoided if the maintainer patch models.dat file in the package?

I recommend installing the manjaro-printer meta-package, it will install several packages for printer drivers and management, such as cups and foomatic. You might manage to get your printer working through those.



Install hplip-plugin from AUR.

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Welcome to the forum, I wonder whether you could read the following post and try to install the printer as Inxi wrote. Some old printers have no support with hplip.
[SOLVED] hplip and LaserJet 1020 issues / Kernel & Hardware / Arch Linux Forums
This post was helpful to me when I installed my hp LaserJet 1020 printer.

Follow the steps 1 to 4 in the above link of the first post.

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not working

stay on hplip software…

not installed in my machine.gives some install error…