HP Printer gets “Device Communication error (5012)”

I am using Manjaro 23.0.0 with XFCE desktop. I am having trouble installing my HP Smart Tank 500 printer. After using the CUPS Web Interface I can use the printer for printing, but not scanning. If I use HPLIP, the printer cannot be used at all due to error 5012 (Device communication error). Some commands in the terminal I can do, but dealing with this, I am really dizzy. Please help as I am still a Linux newbie. Thank you.

how is the usb-printer connected ? is it a direct usb-connection printer->pc or is a usb-hub between. if a hub is between try to connect the printer direct to the pc to check that it isn’t a problem of the hub.

Hi. Sorry for the delayed response. I still haven’t solved the issue but have other problems that I need to solve first. To answer your question though, the connection is via wi-fi.