HP Pavilion won't come back from suspend then won't start until the next day

This is a strange one …
It’s an old HP Pavilion dv6 laptop - can’t provide inxi output right now, probably not relevant anyway
It’s been running Manjaro very nicely for a few years
One day it failed to come back from suspend after opening the lid
The power button was on, but the machine would not respond to any input
Would not power down by holding the power button
Only way to power down was by disconnecting the battery
After that it would not power up at all - just zero response on pressing power button
About 24 hours later it starts up again as usual and boots into Manjaro as if nothing happened

Now the symptoms are like this

  • won’t come back from suspend - must disconnect battery - then won’t start until about 24 hours later
  • after powering down normally, won’t start again until about 24 hours have passed

What I have tried

  • strip down whole machine - disconnect/re-connect all components
  • test with only one stick of RAM in different slots
  • replace BIOS battery
  • test with minimum set of components attached - eg no keyboard, no SSD

Strongly suspect some weird motherboard issue … may be a topic for a dedicated hardware forum … still I’m sure some Manjaro people might have an idea or two