Hp omen backlight keyboard not working

after installtion manjaro kde plasma in hp omen my keyboard backlight is not working how to fix it please help

I have a similar issue with my Sony laptop. However if I lock the screen or close the lid and come back it starts working.
Something seems to be turning it off on boot as the keyboard backlight stays then just before the logon screen it turns off. I am not sure if yours is displaying the same issues?

Open your /etc/default/grub (use sudo and your editor of choice to edit it AFTER backing it up first) file and then

find the line GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT and add to the end of the line before the closing quote "


Save and close your file and then run

sudo update-grub

I’m on an HP Omen 15 2020 model on KDE Manjaro and the keyboard keys for backlighting work normally. I can’t configure colours unless I’m in Windows and running Omen Studio there.

Hello, I am using Gnome, and I am haveing a similar issue with my HP Omen 15. I seem to have lost the ability to turn on the backlight during a system update over the last few days. Fn + Keyboard light key used to turn it on after boot. Now, it has no effect at all. The display light is working well as are the volume keys.

I tried the above grub edit suggested by Sparx but there is no change. Any ideas?

Hello, Mach!

Is happened to me, one time. In fact, the backlight to turned off. Is maybe this. Just reactive it with Fn+ arrow right

Hi Guytoo! Unfortunately, that did not work for me.

However, I booted into my Windows 11 drive to check if there was hardware problem, but the backlight was still working fine. From there I restarted and went into the UEFI settings, snooped around a bit without making any changes, all while the keyboard lights were still on. Then, for the heck of it, I rebooted into Manjaro, and, what-do-ya-know, the lights and its switch are working now!. It’s strange because I had rebooted Manjaro several times before without success.


Hello, Mach!
Maybe is a download need a reboot. Happy to see good!

Well, it appears I was wrong. I cold-booted into Manjaro and the keyboard lights weren’t working again. So, I retraced my steps from the last time and rebooted into Windows. The lights were off but the button that turns them on worked fine. So tI turned them on and rebooted into Manjaro, during which they stayed lit. The keyboard light button also works right now.

Summary: Manjaro seems to have a problem here. Unless pre-lit by Windows, or rebooting after the keyboard lights had been on, will not work. I welcome any other suggestions.

Try install a old kernel, if change the kernel is not a solution, look the forum of HP and your find maybe the solution. (may a not compatibility exist between with this model of laptop and Linux ?!)