HP Omen 17-cb1xxx Laptop

Im on an HP laptop but i cant control my fans, i have tried nbfc, fancontrols, and other packages but none of them are helping me to get control of my fans, i also will point out i found out they are not pwm capable, is there any tool i can use to gain control of the fans in my system?

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The arch wiki has a extensive page on fan control, that might help you, but it does seem the omen series do not have a linux option for the fan/temperature control :frowning: , see

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sucks that hp gotta do me like that :sob:

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Fan control is voodoo even under Windows and it’s not impossible to get it to work under Linux, but it takes a lot of effort to find out which pins are doing what on the motherboard, so if no electronics engineer has hung your particular machine on an oscilloscope to find out which pin does what, it’s better to accept defeat and next time buy a Linux compatible laptop or one where the pin assignment is known…

(one of the reasons I’ll never buy an Acer again: on my particular model, the UEFI firmware doesn’t allow NVRAM modifications from Linux so I have to drop into an EFI shell to change boot load order so your HP is already much better than the piece of çràp I have…)


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