HP MFP M130fw scanning funtionality stopped working


Since last two major updates i cannot scan documents with my printer HP MFP M130fw any more, printing works.

I tried setting up printer multiple times through gnome and HP Device manager with no luck.
The device used to be set up as “mfp_129-m134” since this driver is closest to my model and was completely funtional.

When I try to scan with HP Device manager xsane starts but it imedietly says I/O error.

scanimage -L
device `escl:' is a HP LaserJet MFP M130fw (21447D) platen,adf scanner
device `hpaio:/net/HP_LaserJet_MFP_M129-M134?ip=' is a Hewlett-Packard     HP_LaserJet_MFP_M129-M134 all-in-one

scanimage -T  
Output format is not set, using pnm as a default.
scanimage: rounded value of br-x from 215.9 to 215.9
scanimage: rounded value of br-y from 297.011 to 297.011
scanimage: sane_start: Invalid argument

The HP Device manager sets up two devices, which I find strange, also when trying to use M129 for scanning I get a prompt to install proprietary driver.

None of that was necessary before and I prefer not to use any proprietary driver especially from HP.


There seems to be a solution HERE with HPLIP plugin which is HPs driver :angry: and also when trying to download it with hp-plugin I get an error:

error: /home/danizmax/.hplip/hplip-3.20.11-plugin.run file does not match its checksum. File may have been corrupted or altered

As said before I would prefer to solve this without HPLIP if possible and would be my last resort.

Any help and ideas would be appreciated.