HP Laser MFP 137fnw

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i wanna install my printer (see thread title), but its not working.

i installed “Manjaro Printing” by Manjaro Hello.

Now i got a “HP Device Manager”
There is a Button “Setup Device…”
Next Window i take Network Option. And it comes an error message:

“HPLIP cannot detect printers in your network.”

the printer got the ip and i can ping it. normal response.

Same when i try to map the printer manually with IP Adress.

hm, why i can’t embed pictures here?

Also with the CUPS Web Interface:

"# Verfügbare Drucker anzeigen

Verfügbare Drucker

Keine Drucker gefunden."

well I thought it was due to the hplip I installed afterwards, but it always does not work nch, same error message

Hi @Steev ,
Maybe you have to install another package from the AUR called hpuld, as I could read on the following post on the Arch Wiki.
CUPS/Printer-specific problems - ArchWiki

As I wrote above, the post advice that the HP Laser MFP 13x Series needs the package hpuld installed from the AUR.

Hope it help, regards

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