HP ENVY x360 Convertible 13-ay0xxx ryzen 4700u sleep/suspend

greetings to the wonderful community…

i recently purchased this laptop. overall, runs very nicely on kde stable branch. however, the laptop is unable to enter sleep mode when closing the lid or when pressing “leave”. i read arch wiki on this subject and it seems like it is a reproducible problem.

i am having to do a full suspend to disk everytime i close the lid. suffices to say that it is really frustrating.

i am using kernel 5.8.3 from manjaro.

i love this distro, and would be reluctant to change. but at the same time, i am having to accept that this is basically not a practical solution, as i have an encrypted drive and therefore it takes about 15-30 seconds to decrypt and restart using the laptop. otherwise the battery drains to 0 in a couple hours of "standby’.

i tried endeavour os with the same results. debian would not install as it would not recognize the network.

when will the problem get fixed? i wonder if i should return the unit. a pity as the processor meets all the expectations so far.

i would appreciate any help on this matter.

I’ve been on Manjaro for a few months with an ENVY x360 15z (Ryzen 3500u). I have not found a solution to this, but would also like to know if there is one.

Thank you for your kind reply.

Sadly, I was simply unable to make this work (medium technical skill).

Other distributions also failed.

I returned the computer and got an intel-based system (15-inch hp spectre). Surprisingly, was also unable to install manjaro on that system (no sound). That problem is also well-documented. Tried endeavour os with exactly the same result. Debian 10 would not install as it did not recognize the network card (even with the nonfree iso).

Before I headed back to the store, I tried pop os.

I was not keen on gnome, and really personally prefer kde, but voila, pop recognized the sound card and works beautifully with the hybrid intel/nvidia graphics switching. It also seems to work well with the optane technology. the only thing it didn’t recognize was the bluetooth module, likely due to 5.4 kernel, but i don’t use that anyway.

Suspend mode works!!!

What a saga - i feel bad for linux - really don’t understand why the newer hardware is so difficult to make work.

I used to have an account before, which got deleted ? Maybe I wasn’t active enough ! Anyhow, I take the opportunity to revive that thread because I’m having currently the same issues, and then some.
I too bought a Ryzen based HP Envy x360 convertible 13-ar0xxx and I entered a world of pain.
To my defence, the laptop I was using until now was already an HP x360, a 1st gen pavillion that I had already spent hours ironing the kinks out since I got it, so I thought foolishly I had the hang of it and HP couldn’t do worse than they did with the Insyde original firmware ; boy was I wrong ! (To add insult to injury, my original x360 pavillion is Windows 202H compatible, but not my brand spanking new x360 Envy… even them have been trapped in their evil scheme).
First, what I discovered : HP only supports the “new” shallow, Microsoft approved, “S2idle” sleep mode ; legacy S3 and S4 (suspend to ram and hibernate) are discarded at bios level. And sadly this mode is as of now incompatible with AMD. In theory a native support should appear with kernel 5.11 - and obviously it doesn’t work yet.
The sad part is some people managed to revive S3 by editing the ACPI tables, but although the computer enters sleep gracefully, there’s no known way to wake it up afterwards…
The infuriating part being it’s entirely possible to have a bios switch to enable “legacy” s3 mode (that’s what Lenovo does), and HP could have offered that option. Scratch that, they DID offer the option at first, see the AMI BIOS HP “Simulator” ; jump to the Configuration section, that’s what Modern standby is about. But I tried with Bios F17, F19 and F21, and this option that existed at level B10 is simply gone. So if anyone knows where to find and how to flash firmware B10, I’d be eternally grateful.

On to my own problems : on top of my computer not suspending or hibernating with kernel 5.11, mine doesn’t even halt although level S0 is known. I add that it does reboot, hibernate and halt with kernels 5.9 and 5.10, but not with 5.11 anymore.

And I can’t understand why. So if anyone had the same experience, or solved it, I’d like to hear from you !


i got rid of my ryzen and went back to intel… sadly