HP ENVY x360 Convertible 13-ay0xxx ryzen 4700u sleep/suspend

greetings to the wonderful community…

i recently purchased this laptop. overall, runs very nicely on kde stable branch. however, the laptop is unable to enter sleep mode when closing the lid or when pressing “leave”. i read arch wiki on this subject and it seems like it is a reproducible problem.

i am having to do a full suspend to disk everytime i close the lid. suffices to say that it is really frustrating.

i am using kernel 5.8.3 from manjaro.

i love this distro, and would be reluctant to change. but at the same time, i am having to accept that this is basically not a practical solution, as i have an encrypted drive and therefore it takes about 15-30 seconds to decrypt and restart using the laptop. otherwise the battery drains to 0 in a couple hours of "standby’.

i tried endeavour os with the same results. debian would not install as it would not recognize the network.

when will the problem get fixed? i wonder if i should return the unit. a pity as the processor meets all the expectations so far.

i would appreciate any help on this matter.

I’ve been on Manjaro for a few months with an ENVY x360 15z (Ryzen 3500u). I have not found a solution to this, but would also like to know if there is one.

Thank you for your kind reply.

Sadly, I was simply unable to make this work (medium technical skill).

Other distributions also failed.

I returned the computer and got an intel-based system (15-inch hp spectre). Surprisingly, was also unable to install manjaro on that system (no sound). That problem is also well-documented. Tried endeavour os with exactly the same result. Debian 10 would not install as it did not recognize the network card (even with the nonfree iso).

Before I headed back to the store, I tried pop os.

I was not keen on gnome, and really personally prefer kde, but voila, pop recognized the sound card and works beautifully with the hybrid intel/nvidia graphics switching. It also seems to work well with the optane technology. the only thing it didn’t recognize was the bluetooth module, likely due to 5.4 kernel, but i don’t use that anyway.

Suspend mode works!!!

What a saga - i feel bad for linux - really don’t understand why the newer hardware is so difficult to make work.