HP Envy x360 2020 - Fans not really working and not controllable

I have the 2020 Model Envy x360 with Ryzen 4500u processor. Kernel 5.8.6-1.

The notebook fan is most of the time off, when CPU is on 100%, the temperature in psensor rises to above 80°C but the fan is still not spinning. After some time (10-20s), it starts spinning slowly, then to 40-60%, but the temperature can rise to 100°C, so its not really useful and I dont want to use it because I fear notebook damage.
pwmconfig and sensors-detect dont find any fans.

So the question is, what is the problem and why are the fans still spinning even if it seems that Manjaro cant control them? If it remains like this the danger of damage is really high

That’s weird!! that was a problem with the asus mobo’s using kernel 5.5, but if was fixed in kernel 5.6.
Usually all laptops have a Fn key and another fan function key, this combinations toggle the fan mode to silence, normal,full. did you try them?
Post the output of inxi -Fazy

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