HP Chromebook Tablet - Crouton install instructions, please?

I’ve just installed Manjaro KDE on my desktop and liked it so much, I want to do the same in my laptop (HP Chromebook), important information because bios menu is quite different.

Currently I’m running Xubuntu on said laptop, but after preparing my USB to live boot and install manjaro, the following message shows and then boots from the ssd.

Is there a way to fix the boot, or download older version to update?

*Important information:
**Can’t install KDE or Gnome manjaro versions on laptop due to 16GB ssd limitations
**NO windows computer available to use Rufus or any other disk creator software
**Only one Xubuntu and one Manjaro KDE devices available to work it out.

Thanks in advance.

:+1: Welcome to Manjaro! :+1:

That’s not a laptop: that’s a tablet with a keyboard and Ubuntu has crouton to make those “boot” (it’s not really boot, it’s a chain-load)

So I’m going to reclassify your question to the boot section and mention crouton. Maybe someone smarter than me will show up.


I am also trying to install linux on a chromebook lenovo duet, the best solution to really install it is cadmium I believe, hopefully with those instructions manjaro will also be possible in the future.