[HowTo] Tuxedo keyboard and Control Center installation

Here are the comprehensive instructions for how to set up the keyboard drivers and control center on Manjaro Linux. After some serious digging through Reddit comments I figured out how to install these controls and make your Manjaro experience on Tuxedo pleasant. This installation process went flawlessly for me. For reference my laptop is an Aura 15 gen 1 model. Follow this steps (note you should restart your laptop twice during this process as the changes are made on the kernel level):

1.) First, update your system in the terminal or GUI package manager ( sudo pacman -Syu )

2.) Next, check the kernel version in the terminal using the command ( uname -r )

3.) Install the Linux headers module through the package manager that corresponds with your kernel version.
*My install of Manjaro Gnome Ruah came with the Linux API Headers version 5.17.5-2 & runs the 5.15.50-1. So I had to install linux515-headers package from the package manager. Only install the official repositories (core) version that corresponds with your kernel. You should have the headers installed that match your current kernel.

4.) Next you should restart your laptop for the headers to take effect in the kernel

5.) Next through the package manager install these package manager *Official Repositories (extra) versions only *NOT AUR packages (you can install them simultaneously)

  • tuxedo-control-center
  • tuxedo-keyboard-dkms
  • tuxedo-touchpad-switch

6.) Restart laptop for changes to take effect

After this all of your fn keys should work as intended allowing you to turn the mousepad off and on, also change the keyboard backlight (which defaults to white) and you’ll be able to use the Control Center to check your CPU usage, fan speed, and CPU temperature. There are 3 profiles for the fans. Default, Cool & Breezy, and Powersaver extreme. You can create custom profiles but be careful. The system will ask for your super user password to put the changes into effect.

Hopefully, you find this useful. There’s a lot of information in German, which unfortunately made it all confusing, I’m new to Manjaro from Ubuntu. These instructions should work for most use cases in any Manjaro desktop environment (XFCE, GNOME, KDE, etc.)

Good luck!


You’re the best! Works like a charm, thank you very much! :slight_smile: