[HowTo] switch desktops easily on XFCE

Difficulty: ☆☆☆☆☆

By clicking simultaneously on the two buttons of the touchpad, you will get a small table which lists the desktops of the system. To browse the table and change desktop, just use the navigation keys and hit Enter.

Happy desktop switching!

I’m not an XFCE user, but

sounds suspiciously like right “middle click” to me. So I assume this really means:

right middle click on the desktop


I precise this: I use XFCE with Openbox and I’am not sure to find a same link on the XFCE desktop. In theory, you are reason.

i use compiz with xfce and i just go to screen edge and the cube rotates :slight_smile:

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As in any good [How To] there should be some specifics in this one too. To not make things confusing between desktops (Desktop Environment or a number of Desktop PCs or the wallpaper space we call desktop) and workspaces (Virtual desktops) - there should be a footnote with those definitions at least, or specify the use case.
The mention of touchpad makes sense for Laptops, but and alternative for Desktop PC users should be provided too, or those that use mouse/touchscreen/etc.

If is about workspaces as shown here:


Then middle mouse button, any touchpad/touchscreen gesture/button that emulates that middle mouse button will reveal the switch and available workspaces list, plus offer the menu to add or remove them one by one, when clicked.

If is not about workspaces - then i’m confused :slight_smile:

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to write tutorials!


Is this a workspaces yes and I forget it to precise this: I use a laptop.

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Hello, RVC
I don’t no know use Compiz in XFCE! :blush:

checkout how to correctly install compiz with xfce4.

i have 3 options which i play on the fly.

  1. default XFWM4 + Compton compositor
  2. Metacity
  3. Compiz
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No worries. Also remember that you can switch workspaces by pressing Ctrl+F1 to switch to w1 or Ctrl+F2 to switch to w2 and so on if you have multiple of them.

With Alt+Insert you ad another workspace

With Alt+Del you remove a workspace

This is a nice external resource for more shortcuts in Xfce

Maybe can be used to make the tutorial even better.
Cheers! :slight_smile: