HowTo setup Windows Drive with 2 other Linux drives

I hope this is the right place, but I’m thinking of either buying another SSD for Windows 10 as I have Manjaro on one SSD, and Steam Linux Native games on another.

Or moving my games over to one of my USB HDDs and reusing the SSD they are on for Windows again, but 10 instead of 8 this time.

I kept reading that if you must Dual Boot both OSes, then disconnect all other Storage Devices but the one having Windows installed to and with each OS Drive having the BootLoader install to it.

I am assuming that Windows still needs to be installed to the HDD/SSD in the System?

Having a separate ssd for Windoze is recommendable but only you can decide the other things you mentioned. If you look for some more guidance maybe the following thread could be helpful:

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Thanks. I might just put all of my games on my USB HDD from the SSD I have this on.

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