[HowTo] Recover Sticky Notes on the Desktop

Hello, buddies!
If you, like me, have lost your sticky note widgets and want to recover them, this tutorial is for you:

  1. Visit ~/.local/share/plasma_notes and run: ls -lt. Find your sticky notes. You can use cat to see the content of your sticky notes. You need to save their filenames. They look as UUIDs: 481e8b3e-7ce4-49ff-bd2d-24b566cd8c.
  2. Create a new widget with a sticky note where it was earlier.
  3. Find its filename in the plasma_notes folder.
  4. Open ~/.config/plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc in your preferred editor.
  5. Find the new filename in this file and replace it with the old filename that you found in the first step.
  6. Repeat 2–5 steps until you have recreated all your sticky notes.
  7. Logout.
  8. Login.
  9. Profit!