[HowTo] Press any key

Difficulty: ☆☆☆☆☆

Sometimes when you’re running a program on a TTY or in a shell, you run across the dreaded:

  • Press any key...
  • Press any key to continue...
  • Press any key to exit.

So, what should you do???

  1. If you have the IBM Model M 105 keyboard, it comes with an ANY key:

    Use that key! :grin:

  2. On this example keyboard:
    Esc F1F2F3F4  F5F6F7F8  F9F10F11F12  PrtSclPse
    ` Bksp  Ins HmePgUp
    TabEntr Del EndPgDn
    Caps ’ 
    Shift Shift                 ↑ 
    CtrlAlt                   AltCtrl   ← ↓  → 

  • Press any of the white keys once.


  • Don’t press any of the blue keys.



Is this the start of a joke thread?

It’s a lighter tutorial that made me smile while writing it in-between other tutorials that are much more complex.


I.E.: these:

I hope it made you smile too!