[HowTo] Mount an NFS share on a TrueNAS (FreeNAS) server

Difficulty: ★★☆☆☆

This is a public service announcement that pertains more to TrueNAS than Manjaro per se, but I just spent 45 minutes trying to a mount a NFS share on my TrueNAS, so here is a nugget of wisdom:

When you export a NFS share on TrueNAS, by default the export is owned by nobody:nobody. So, on your TrueNAS, ensure the mapall user and group is set with the proper permissions under the Advanced Options of the NFS export to get access to your share from your Manjaro PC.


Dont care if necro. This solved by problem after searching for hours and finding everything from wrong versions of NFS to configs being wrong in /etc/fstab on the client to /etc/exports being wrong on the host. Check options in fstab, check “no_root_squash” in exports. Bleh.

All I need was to change the mapall user to root and mapall group to wheel, and chown on the client for the current user.

shares > click your share under UNIX(NFS) Shares > Scroll down to the bottom of “Edit NFS Share” > advanced options > Mapall User = root and Mapall Group = wheel.

All other options where the standard options.

On the client side I have:

sudo nano /etc/fstab

I added the below line:

192.168.0.XX:/mnt/nfsshare /home/username/Desktop/nfsshare nfs defaults 0 0

This mounts the directory in the UNIX UNIX(NFS) Shares to the folder I made on my desktop.

System told me to to run “systemctl daemon-reload” so I did

Ran “sudo mount -a” to mount all in fstab

sudo chown -R username /home/username/Desktop/nfsshare

Now after hours of searching over multiple days I can finally is the NFS share. Not sure if its right, but it sure works.

Thanks OP.

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