[HowTo] Configure WireGuard via the NetworkManager GUI (Advanced Network Manager)

I’m writing this due to the lack of any tutorials when trying to configure this myself.
Wanted to provide some easy to follow instructions for future reference & anyone else interested!

  1. Install nm-connection-editor via your package manager.

  2. Open the Advanced Network Configuration GUI, add a new connection & select WireGuard

    Screenshot from 2023-04-05 18-33-00
    Screenshot from 2023-04-05 18-33-20

  3. Use the following diagram to translate your WireGuard client config file to the Advanced Network Configuration GUI.

Enjoy your WireGuard VPN integrated into the OS!

I hope this helps!

Note: the “Listen port” will not be in your WireGuard client config.
I used 58909 & that worked for me.



I was JUST trying to get this to work, and for the life of me I could not figure it out.

My problem was that I didn’t have the IPV4 settings correct. I kept thinking I needed to supply a gateway in the manual config. When I did that (using the VPN address as the gateway), I was required to use a netmask of 24 and nothing would work. By supplying 32 as the netmask and omitting the gateway, everything worked!


I did the same exact thing when trying to figure this out haha

No problem man, glad I could help!

I know that “me too” and “thank you” posts are evil.
But… I was trying for hours to setup WireGuard on my Arch linux, graphically, with no luck.
The default Network manager configuration doesn’t let me accept the values.

Your solution worked though! THANK YOU

also want to add that if you have a wireguard configuration file, easiest way to add it would be;

# nmcli connection import type wireguard file <conf-file>

I just drop the files in the right directories and then start the appropriate thing, ex:

systemctl start wg-quick@interfacename.service