Howto change DNS in my 5G router ZTE MC801A?

I tried to find settings in webconsol but can not find it ?

Is it not possible to do it ?

I think you’re on the wrong forum.

Why ??
It is a network problem …

Because this isn’t ZTE support forum?

This resource seems to have what you need:


Thx soundofthunder, but have already looked att that page and found nothing of interest for my problem with DNS.

I have sent a mail to and asked about the problem.

I will get back here when I get a response from them.

I’m afraid nobody here can likely help, unless they specifically have the same router, and that may be unlikely. An internet search will be more useful that asking here. You should search for a ZTE Forum (if there is one), or similar.

On the link I have you there are a few links to user guides for your router which might help. Apart from that… :man_shrugging:

Good luck.

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Yes I know.
Don’t understand why it should be so difficult?
Is it because ZTE is a Chinese company, as it should be so difficult.

The router is expensive, costs 500$ here in Sweden.

Is it a Chinese invention that you should not be able to change the DNS server in this router?

This is the Manjaro support forum. Please contact your router manufacturer if you need help with your router.