How would I go about uninstalling a tar.xz file?

I installed nordvpn-bin from the AUR a bit of time ago for a vpn and tried to get a UI client (i.e., this) installed for it through opening the compatability file directory in konsole and typing sudo ./ for convenience but it seems that it’s authenticator for the login broke (likely because it didn’t receive an update in 3 years now) and seemed to have messed with the bin variant (it’s login auth also broke). How would I go about uninstalling this properly since it wasn’t downloaded off of pamac?

Depends on the software and its documentation.
Maybe there is also an or a flag for the install script like ./ -r.
Or maybe nothing and you have to remove it manually. (rm by hand, etc)

looking at the install script and the desktop file it creates I find:


So I guess in the dir you were currently when running the install script.

Remove the NordVPN directory, the desktop file /usr/share/applications/nordvpn.desktop and the install script and that is all the install does.

The location to where the files are still showing up for some reason in the start menu in search after manually deleting them with dolphin and trash, I can’t delete those for some reason through the right click menu drop down


sudo rm /usr/share/applications/nordvpn.desktop

that is actually exactly what I did, however this is what I’m trying to explain:

These are specifically showing up in the search menu when they were already permanently deleted from trash. I don’t know why they are still showing up but would like them gone to debloat the search results.

Open System Settings => Workspace Behavior => Recent Files & clear the history.