How to? wallpaper, key - shortcuts

Hi there:
This is my first time using Sway WM and I can´t found where I can change the wallpaper.
I’m confused because I have searched in a lot of folders and no way to change that.
etc/sway config, definitions, modes and /home/config/sway. :=(

The other thing I will like to put a shortcut for open Firefox
for example something like mode+b or mode+shift+b ( b=Browser)

Thanks in advance and have a nice week !
Greetings from Chile =)


You use the swaybg already in our repositories.
More about here GitHub - swaywm/swaybg: Wallpaper tool for Wayland compositors

Thanks ! It´s work

swaybg -i /my/ route/ of/ img/ image.png -m fill

But I close the terminal and the old wallpaper back :=(
How to make the new image stay fixed ?

You could put this into your config-file (most propabely ~/.config/sway/config)

exec --no-startup-id “swaybg -i /my/ route/ of/ img/ image.png -m fill”

And the next time you start your sway-session your background should be there.

Otherwise you could install the package wallutils and then use the command setwallpaper. With that one your chosen wallpaper stays even after you closed the terminal.

Thanks folky!!! with the wallutils I can change the wallpaper.
Have a nice week :=)

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