How to use ZFS in manjaro-kde-21.2-testing

I noticed in the announcement for a 21.2 RC ISO image that it’s now possible to install onto a ZFS file system. That got me super excited to test the current RC ISO image in a VM but just now I can’t see any mention of ZFS in the Calamares installer.

Is it possible to install onto a ZFS file system directly from the installer GUI?

If so then what’s the trick to enabling the ZFS options in Calamares?

The installer framework supports ZFS, however that doesn’t mean that we have it activated …

Okay, so no indication of “when” so I presume “not anytime soon” and/or “when it’s ready”. I’ll get back to trying to get Manjaro/KDE running inside a VM (or CT) under Proxmox as it allows for the Debian host OS to be installed onto a ZFS pool and also allows for the possibility of clustering my daily driver laptop. Nearly there, just got to get GPU pass-through working.