How to use xdotool command to open application menu?

So i was trying to use Plank Dock and When i installed I realized that I cant put Widgets and (specifically application menu in it). I dont like the original docklets given by them…I saw few tutorials and found out a solution on Ubuntu, but luckily Xdotool work in manjaro too so i installed it but I am not able to use the command to check my predefined Meta key
for opening application menu(basically i wanted to make an executable file which when executed open Application launcher since I can only add applications in Plank dock)

P.s: I dont want to use any other dock since my laptop is bit old & I feel confortable with plank dock.

Here’s the Video solution i followed

In short can someone say me xdotool command to for application menu

I think you are approaching this in a roundabout way.

Why not set krunner (in System Settings > Shortcuts) ?

Its already a detached search+launcher with configurable plugins. And part of plasma.

I hear you, but i really need that Application Launcher in my Plank Dock

But whats the problem?

You follow the instructions and it doesnt work?

Another thing being that plank, while somewhat minimal, is GTK when you seem to be using Plasma (a QT desktop)… plank also being from elementary … a pretty closed-down, insulated desktop.
Usually if people want an alternative panel/dock/etc on plasma the thing to use is lattedock.

So i type the command as directed by that ubuntu user xdotool key meta but my application launcher doesnt open

latte dock uses my cpu a lot as i said i have pretty old hardware

Ps. If u have any other alternative light weight dock ,kindly suggest

also i like plank becz of how smooth it is

Does xdotool work at all - such as with other invocations?

Are you running X or wayland?

I guess we didnt do the introductory inxi -Fazy

i am using x11

I will save you a lot of time. The truth is that once the thing is open, it’s simply open on the desktop - you only see an icon to launch it by clicking in a panel or a dock. You don’t need to click it…

Many folks love Latte.

I used to LOVE Latte - but as you say, it is pretty resource intensive.

I tried other solutions - Plank just doesn’t seem to sit so nicely on Plasma, and Latte was/is still the best ‘dock’.

However, Plasma panels are well coded and blend with KDE well.

You can actually make multiple panels along the same screen edge (as I have one separate one hidden top right for Globalmenu and my menu, and a separate one at the bottom for my systray and Task Manager).

So I think a better solution is simply to put the menu on a panel.

Indeed, a number of widgets which I do not wish to SEE, like the colour picker, or Event Calendar, or the Musicbrainz Picard icon (for a drop target so I can drag 'n drop something to open with that)…

I simply put on a hidden panel at the top - it only pops up if I 1. Activate a shortcut to call up a widget or 2. Activate the panel by mousing up there…

Sometimes it is better to focus on what you wish to achieve than a particular application.

This menu launches from menu, I very rarely click it.

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I like the idea thanks :slight_smile:

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