How to use twemoji on manjaro?

Hey! Im using the google noto font (emoji) rn, but i want to use twemoji and i dont know how to. i already have them installed, but it isnt working. thanks

If you don’t have any use for noto-fonts-emoji simply remove it from your system and ttf-twemoji should take over.

If you want to force the ttf-twemoji font to specific applications, see here:

If you’re using Firefox, which has a built-in emoji font called Twemoji Mozilla, see the troubleshooting instructions here:

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nice! it worked, but some emojis is in black & white (like if dont have a font).
if i install the noto-fonts-emoji again, it should replace only these?

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I’m not sure if that’s going to work, you can give it a try though.

In case that doesn’t work, there is a package in the AUR called ttf-twemoji-color:

Maybe this font is going to work better for you.

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this package turn all emojis in b&w, and i am looking for all be colorful

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