How to use Sonos speakers as output device?

Hello, I’m sorry if this is a stupid question. I’ve searched online but haven’t found anything so far.

I have installed my Manjaro system on an old macbookpro (2009) because it’s the only distro that just works out of the box.

How do I use my Sonos system as output device?

I do not have any streaming services or anything like that, I just want to use my Sonos speaker instead of the internal laptop speakers. I have installed the noson app via snapd, it sees my Sonos device, but this doesn’t solve my problem: how do I watch a youtube video and redirect the sound to the Sonos device? The Audio Mixer found in the speaker icon only lists “speakers” and “headphones (unplugged)”.

Hi @sebnukem
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I don’t think there is an easy way to use Sonos as PC speakers. There is no direct input, and they are not designed to work in this way.

In the AUR there is mkchromecast which does allow you to cast audio to your Sonos speakers. I have never found it very satisfactory. Video is well out of sync with audio.

Thank you very much for the welcoming and the quick reply.

I’ll try connecting my headphones to the Sonos input, using a headphone to 2xRCA cable, that should do the trick.